Reporting & Analytics

Make numbers count

Educate on and Enforce the Simplest of KPIs

Make reporting easy, and powerful. Do not create complex and very fragmented measurements that are hard to remember, unless you are measuring something very specific in your business. Performance is Key, and you just make an indicator for it, not the other way around.

Many companies start their year with trying to find a list of KPI that would support their budgets, support their strategy for the year and deploy reporting structure for the company to run with. Often it results in complex reporting structures, unmet expectations on KPI being either too complex in their definition or too limited in scope due to lack of data. We have also seen cases where you leave too much room for own interpretations of a KPI, taking your team in various directions when it comes to actions to improve KPIs.


Let us help you with getting a shortlist of KPI that are crucial for your business and walk along the way developing structure on the direction you want to take. We educate the organisation around those KPI and what levers would be helpful to adjust to reach the target or to avoid mistakes.


We are able to deliver data sourcing for your KPIs and setup dashboards for following up those closely and on a frequent basis. The main goal is to ensure a process on increasing value of your company via KPIs and supporting actions around those.


While we are doing that we would also establish a reporting structure ownership, so that each KPI has a distinct owner responsible for company performance.

Structure, performance, outcome

Reporting as Business Controllers

We provide a structure as if we are your business controllers, both providing insights through historical data, but also giving advice on potential tweaks for improved outcome.

  • Education and structure
  • Stakeholder management and reporting experience
  • Simplicity with focus on actions

Structured Reports

Stop copy-pasting between sheets and use the time for analysis of data. Well-structured reports increase understanding of underlying data, build trust and save time.


Educated Stakeholders

We focus on educating stakeholders on what your reports really mean and how the whole picture comes together. Communication between departments is crucial.


Consulting on-demand

We are experienced consultants and we are able to make deep dives into most of the questions that need thorough investigation from a finance perspective. Just let us know.

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