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We are your Certified Project Manager

Whether it is a long term project utilizing successive profit recognition method or if you need a certified project manager in projects of various magnitude where finance point of view is important – we can support both full and part-time. From idea to implementation. We specialize in C-level Finance and IT related projects and have team management experience.

Kanban-run projects with high focus on transparency, priorities and minimum viable products? We are experienced in running projects between finance and IT where strict definitions of needed features or functionality are to be specified and followed up on.


Waterfall projects where leadership needs to coordinate forces and have focus on budgets? Or should we identify the critical path in a project you have deployed and keep an eye on the details? We would be keep on increasing the communication and transparency across the organisation to keep the budgets and timing.


We have experience in supporting engineers in long term environmental and infrastructure projects where successive profit recognition method is used and you need a point of contact to your finance department. We could for example become a dedicated resource in such projects running throughout multiple years, but where finance input is needed a couple of times a month for validation and reporting purposes. We are of course online and available for any syncronisations and meetings.


We have experience in running teams remotely and are able to drive across Sweden for in-person follow ups where it counts the most.

Need a certified project manager in projects of various magnitude where communication and finance point of view are important? We are experienced in successive profit recognition method and project reporting in listed companies.

From Idea to Implementation

Project Manager with an Eye for Finance

Tireless project management where finance perspective counts and communication enables speed and streamlined decisions.

  • Transparency and project impact
  • Engineering project support in finance matters
  • IT-requirement qualification and follow up

Budget and Planning

Sometimes you just have an idea to implement something. We can support with a project plan, budgeting and execution sequence. Smooth start.


Execution and Transparency

Ever felt that some teams are not coordinated? We can be the messenger and a power house to get everyone onboard.



Change management is sensitive and time consuming. We stay true to the set goal and lead the way. Inofficially.

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