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Our main specialty is a combination of finance and IT-related knowledge, which comes from multiple projects throughout the years. With education in finance and skills in programming with understanding of underlying systems and data, we often reach full coverage of CFO related agenda. Data analytics, reporting, forecasting and budgeting, system development and automation of processes – we have done most of it. We also added our passion for online businesses and their daily routine as many of them struggle with efficiency. Taking lead role in projects we support with in-depth knowledge within the area of finance and IT. Our deliveries span from positions such as business control, management consulting, M&A support, business analytics, accounting and process automation.


Business Control

Our team has Controller Certification by FAR Academy since 2016. We manage finance related projects where budget or forecasting, reporting, ERP systems or strategic processes are in focus. We have broad experience from finance departments of both small entrepreneurial companies as well as listed or equity owned multinational enterprises.


Project Management

Whether it is a long term project utilizing successive profit recognition method or if you need a certified project manager in projects of various magnitude where finance point of view is important – we can support both full and part-time. From idea to implementation. We specialize in C-level Finance and IT related projects and have remote team management experience.


E-commerce development

You have a website with ever changing content which needs your attention to keep it alive or you want to set up new feature. We can support with frequent updates of new products, content writing, photo editing, publishing and of course connecting what happens online to your ERP system, so also financials stay correct. We are kind of a power house for your online business.

Interim solutions

Efficient for your business

  • 11
    Full or part-time involvement.
  • 11
    Remote work or Nordics as a hybrid workplace.
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    One stop shop for Finance and IT related projects.
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    Hourly or value based pricing. On time delivery.

Our Expertise

Reporting, Budget & Forecast, Accounting, ERP systems, VBA, Excel95%
Project management85%
Woocommerce, Abicart, HTML, CSS, Java, Photoshop90%
Profit improvement, bonus modelling, automation90%

Harmonize and scale processes of your business. We are fully flexible to help your business where it counts the most.



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What does APNUM name mean?

A and P stand for Alex Persson – the founder of the company.

NUM stands for Numbers.

Some could say, that also resonates with Applied Numerical Methods – a mix of maths and programming used to find solution to a problem. Well, the name is also short and can phonetically be pronounced in international context. It’s as simple as that.

Who stands behind Apnum?

Since the start of the company in 2022, Alex Persson, MSc in Finance and Certified Controller, is the owner and managing consultant of Apnum. With a wide network of specialized competences we can quickly supply requested resources in Finance, Marketing, Database management, Business Analytics and other critical functions needed for your company. We have in-house HR services and can source staff in a cost efficient manner.

Different domains lead here?

We own multiple domains that might become their own brands in near future. Until then we simply use them as natural re-directs. You might have ended up here through any of our following domains:

  • cfosupport.se
  • minicontroller.se
  • cfocontrolling.se + cfocontrolling.com
  • bicontroller.se + bicontroller.com
  • cfoservice.se
  • cfoservices.se
  • cfointerim.se + cfointerim.nu
  • cfocoach.se
  • apnumgroup.se + apnumgroup.com
  • interimcfo.nu
  • justinterim.se
  • aifinance.se

What about pricing?

We are fully flexible. By the hour, value based or a mixture. Full-time or part-time, on-going or time-limited – you set the terms. Let’s discuss.

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