Excel Automation

Automate your favourite workflow in excel

Make Your Excel Work More Efficient.

Excel is one of the most commonly used tools in a finance department and the tools has been evolving since it was introduced in 1985. Unfortunately this tool is not used in the most correct and efficient way. We try to change that by applying the most recent developments.

You probably have current reports in Excel and their legacy is so complex that you are scared to touch them, but then you also have a strong desire to build something that is more relevant for the new setup of your business.


Let us help you with automation of your month-end reporting or data delivery to the organization through Excel. We can automate, model and present a solution that cuts your admin time, clarifies the source of data, fixes known bugs and presets the file to function with a click of a macro-button. This enables you to focus more on analytics rather than just copy pasting values between old reports that no longer make sense.


Deliveries we have done are often a collaboration between finance and IT where databases of the company are sourced to Excel for further utilization and automation of visuals and calculations that give good overview and allow you to model, analyze or forecast the outcome. Examples of such could be an agent commission system or a month-end report that consolidates budgets from multiple cost centers and gives a live overview of a consolidated budget.

VBA automation

Excel Excellence

Reporting and analytics automation with system integration and file consolidation. Keep using Excel and stay agile in your processes. It’s time for data interpretation, not copy-pasting.

  • Process automation where Excel is key
  • VBA / Macros / Power Query modelling
  • Help with small or complex issues, ad hoc

Structured Reports

Stop copy-pasting between sheets and use the time for analysis of data. Well-structured reports increase understanding of underlying data, build trust and save time.


Transparency and Flexiblity

Excel reports that are created with user in mind consist of comments, smart visuals and have full traceability of data from source to report. You get a tool that makes your routine easier.


Create or Update

We are experienced in VBA and Excel to an extent that we can edit and fully adjust any reports that you already have. Or simply create the needed functionality from scratch.

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