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Fully Flexible for Your Assignment

We have strong finance expertise, knowledge within IT and are passionate about communication. This makes us suitable for multiple projects whether it is a complex finance-related project or a simple e-commerce functionality update with a system itegration. We are fully flexible to support you in every need – let us discuss the scope.

Our services can be scaled up or down depending your company’s current needs, allowing you to be more cost efficient, but also save time in recruiting the right competence and utilizing all our knowledge on-demand. Throughout the years we have gathered competence to serve the most recent trends related to CFO function and E-commerce sector specifically, however we have broad experience in tech, and people intense businesses.


We provide tailor made support covering parts of company processes whther it is a simple month-end close trying to automate multiple steps of it, or helping you update more content on your website. Well, you understand that the scope can be both IT and Finance related, so we would be able to assist you with ERP transformations or a projects to integrate a post-merger companies through various processes where applicable.


Let us discuss your needs in terms of competence and manpower to deploy a plan and execution.

Finance, IT, Project management

Broad Competence

Mix and match the support you need whether it is finance, e-com or project management agenda. We focus on value generation and continuously educate stakeholders on all of our projects.

  • Premium service
  • Ad-hoc and on-demand competence
  • Shift between focus areas keeping the competence

Business Control

Our team has Controller Certification by FAR Academy since 2016. We manage finance related projects where budget or forecasting, reporting, ERP systems or strategic processes are in focus. We have broad experience from finance departments of both small entrepreneurial companies as well as listed or equity owned multinational enterprises.


Project Management

Whether it is a long term project utilizing successive profit recognition method or if you need a certified project manager in projects of various magnitude where finance point of view is important – we can support both full and part-time. From idea to implementation. We specialize in C-level Finance and IT related projects and have remote team management experience.


E-commerce development

You have a website with ever changing content which needs your attention to keep it alive or you want to set up new feature. We can support with frequent updates of new products, content writing, photo editing, publishing and of course connecting what happens online to your ERP system, so also financials stay correct. We are kind of a power house for your website support.

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